When the topic of losing weight comes up, people immediately look to what foods they should be eating, what exercises are best, and what the top diet is for them. However, something that often gets overlooked is the importance of having a diary. Here are five reasons you will want to keep an online food diary.

1. Free
The first reason to keep a diary on the internet is because it is free of charge. russian grocery store

2. Track your progress
Having an online food diary will help you track your overall progress. You will be able to see how much weight you have lost, what foods you are eating and not eating, and how long it is taking you to reach your goals. Are you heading in the wrong direction?

3. If you do not have an online food diary it can be easy to sneak a cookie here and a bowl of ice cream there without noticing it. You can have a sweet each day and overlook the fact that it is hurting your diet. Reward time

4. On the opposite end of the spectrum, having a diary can help you see when you are doing good. If you are following your diet and are not cheating, you will begin to see results. Having a diary will allow you to see when you have reached certain goals and when you are due for a reward.

5. Motivation
The last reason to have an online food diary is to stay motivated. People constantly jump on a diet before quitting a few weeks later. By having a diary you can plot out an entire plan and write out goals you want to achieve. Having this in writing will allow you to see what you desire on a daily basis. This is far more powerful than you would think.