Sleep apnea is a condition where a person’s normal breathing stops for a period of ten seconds while he/she is sleeping. At times even though breathing does not stop it reduces considerably going down to almost 25% below the normal breathing. This sleeping disorder has a number of far reaching effects that can have a huge impact on a person’s health. This condition has been known to aggravate a number of existing medical conditions such as depression, thyroid problems and also has increased risks of strokes, high blood pressure, heart diseases etc. This condition is, however, curable and can be addressed with the help of making some lifestyle changes and using some external devices.

The CPAP sleeping aid device is one very effective way of dealing with sleep apnea. This sleeping disorder takes place when air cannot move smoothly in the air passage while a person is sleeping, this device makes sure that this air movement is smooth and consistent.

What does a CPAP sleep disorder device do?

When one uses a CPAP sleeping device it includes the use of a mask that is placed on the patients’ mouth and nose or sometimes just the nose, some tubes and a fan. This machine uses air pressure to open the throat muscles so that air can move smoothly and breathing is not obstructed at any point thereby preventing sleep apnea.

When to use a CPAP sleeping device?

You must first ensure that you have this sleeping disorder or think you may have this order. For this you must understand the various symptoms associated with this condition such as loud snoring, waking up suddenly gasping for breath, irritation, disturbed sleep, urge to urinate frequently in the night, or waking up with a parched throat. Once you think you might have sleep apnea, then you must specifically talk to your doctor who will then assess and prescribe the required tests to ascertain if you have this sleeping disorder or not. This may also include going to a sleep specialist to assess sleeping patterns and identify the type of sleep apnea that you have.

A sleep specialist will identify the need of a CPAP Supplies sleeping device for you and will determine the level of air pressure that is right for you.

Effectiveness of the CPAP sleep aid device

The success rate and effectiveness of the CPAP sleep aid device is almost 100%. With the help of this device not only do you eliminate sleep apnea but also ensure that snoring, which is a very annoying part of this condition is completely eliminated. However, once snoring stops, one should not discontinue the use of the CPAP sleep aid device as doing so might cause the sleep apnea to resurface.

Incorporating certain lifestyle changes along with using the CPAP sleep aid device makes sure that sleep apnea minimizes. Incorporating habits such as exercising to lose excess weight, abstaining from the use of stimulants such as caffeine, nicotine, etc, using nasal sprays and aspirators to keep the nasal passages open are all constructive steps towards freeing yourself from sleep apnea.