For decades telephone companies have produced, printed and distributed copies of reverse phone directories to the phone companies, public libraries and law enforcement agencies. During the early part of 1990s, different establishments have offered reverse telephone lookup for a fee and by the year 2000 advertising-based phone number search became available online. Even with the proliferation of these services, unlisted phone number search continue to elude clients since printed directories are revised annually while on-line databases became unbelievably more expensive.

Unlisted Numbers

Looking up a unlisted number has increasingly become more and more difficult throughout the years. Many people have unlisted numbers for privacy and cannot be accessed easily using the web. Further, cell numbers are usually unlisted unless a request is made to include the number in the local phone book or directory.

How is it done?

Though difficult, there are many ways to find phone numbers and even unlisted numbers on the web. The principle is based on the fact that when people access the internet, they inadvertently and unwittingly make their unlisted phone numbers and cell phone numbers available publicly. This usually happens when they try to avail of internet ad services when they lost a dog, trying to sell appliances or vehicles, looking for house help and many other reasons. Ads placed on newspapers also find their way to internet websites since most newspapers publish their pages, including classified ads, on the net.

Further, when people register on different websites or webpages, they are usually required to provide phone or cell phone numbers to complete registration. For people who want to avail of new and exciting services over the net, they provide personal information both knowingly and unknowingly.

Since the internet is a host for different search engines, unlisted phone number search may be possible but requires a lot of time and effort. The solution to this problem is to avail of a reverse phone number lookup service which is already available in the market. phone number lookup

Lookup Service

A number of companies and business provide reverse phone lookup service but only that which can satisfy the following criteria should be chosen:


  • Comprehensive directory
  • Unlimited search services
  • With excellent support program
  • Adaptable payment options
  • A return policy
  • Quick response time
  • And opt out system.


The ‘opt out system’ offer additional protection to clients by preventing customer information from appearing to users who also avail of its service. Please take note that search results should be both accurate and swift. Since many companies provide false claims and usually do not live up to our expectations, a return policy should be made an integral part of the contract.