If you’ve ever been unable to attend a funeral service because of bad weather, illness, distance, or the high cost of travel, you know how upsetting the experience can be. Funeral webcasting solves these kinds of problems every day.

Although funeral webcasts are not the same as being there in person, they are a wonderful way to allow anyone who can’t be present to see and hear the service over the internet. Because most people have access to the internet these days, few people will have to miss a funeral that is being webcast.

Even if you don’t own a computer, you probably know someone who does, and public libraries offer patrons the opportunity to use computers on the premises. Even if you’re not connected to the internet at home, you can still take advantage of all the internet has to offer, including the opportunity to participate in a funeral service you would otherwise have had to miss. pemakaman muslim

Although you might not associate using a computer with attending an online funeral, webcasting is a service offered by increasing numbers of funeral homes, allowing those who can’t attend in person to attend virtually. All you need is a computer that’s connected to the internet and has a sound card that allows you to hear as well as see the proceedings.

The funeral director sets up a camera in the chapel at the funeral home. The camera is mounted in a way that gives a clear view of the proceedings, and usually it can be manipulated remotely, letting the operator scan the room.

The camera is connected to a computer, which transmits the video and audio to a website maintained by the funeral home or by the company with whom it contracts for webcasting services. Mourners type in the web address of this website, enter a secure user name and password, and can then view the funeral from wherever they happen to be. This enables the family to be absolutely sure that the proceedings are viewed only by those who were invited and the family’s privacy is protected.

The family may specify the names of individuals who will receive emailed invitations or notices for the funeral webcast. In addition, family members who are unable to view the service live, may watch the service at a time that’s more convenient to them – later that day or even later in the week. The funeral home and the family can set the amount of time the funeral is available to view online – whether it’s one week or even one year or more. Historically, many family members want to watch the funeral service again and again so this should be taken into consideration.