You can make the most out of your color poster printing. A colorful print, after all, can do a great deal to attract the eyes and reach out to all audiences.

Reach out to a particular location with your posters or draw out the crowd with the given extra large sizes these come in, both ways, you already have the advantage of getting high visibility among pedestrians.

Size does matter

You can have an extra large poster printed digitally to grace your store front and call out to nearby people. Or you can have a hundred pieces printed offset, which you can post in various strategic locations to get people visiting your store.

However, always remember that the saying size does matter can prove to be true, even with your posters. So, when getting your color posters printed, here are some useful size specifications for your poster designs:

11×17 Posters:

– Smaller sized posters are ideal for those with limited budget. It is bigger than the standard legal sized paper that most home made posters used, and is printed in a far better quality than most household desk jet printer.

– It is also best for indoors with limited space. Its small size makes it flexible to fit in most display areas, and can be seen fully from a distance of a few feet. When used outdoors, it can be placed almost anywhere, phone booths, comfort room, pillars, walls, and wherever legal.

– You can use these posters to advertise and invite audience for events for student organizations and other non-profit events. Like invitations, these posters are designed to hold visually attractive graphic with limited text information.

– When your business also has a celebrity endorser, or has wonderful graphics, these posters can also be given away as pin up promotional posters to customers. Outdoor sign holders

18×24 Posters:

– 18×24 or 1.5x2ft posters are the standard indoor poster. They are large enough to hold your graphics or photographs with enough space to hold more information. The graphics can be used to capture attention, while the fine print can hold the information.

– It can be used to advertise promo mechanics, awareness campaigns, or important notices. These are often placed in waiting areas where people have time to read these prints.

– These posters can also work well with large indoor areas or covered walk ways that have pillars or display areas. The design and heading is large enough to be visible from a distance by pedestrians, but small enough to be noticeable if placed for motorists.

24×36 and 27 x39 Posters:

– This is generally an outdoor poster, although there are those who use this size to achieve higher impact for their indoor poster. As an indoor poster, the bigger size is targeted at high density or high traffic areas such as train stations, cafeterias, trade halls, etc. It attempts to capture and hold audience’s quick attention span.