Engines – they’re the heart of the automobile, the device that powers the machine that enables us to reach point B from point A and anywhere in between. Without it, you’re stuck – stalled on the shoulder, or consigned to the garage. A good car needs a good engine – while the transmission, the wheels, rotors and brakes, the exhaust manifold and every other part of an automobile serves an integral purpose, they’re all useless without an engine. When engines go out, it’s either time for a new engine or a new car. used engines near me

Used engines, like used cars, can be a gold mine of value if you know how to recognize quality. The lowest price is not always necessarily the best value. When you find a good deal on a used engine, it’s important to consider the history of the engine. What happened to the car it came from? Was it salvaged from a vehicle that was totaled due to cosmetic damage? Or was it extracted from an overworked automobile that was driven into the ground. Asking the right questions can help you save money and get the most out of your used engine.

Rebuilt engines are made from recycled, reconditioned and remanufactured engines and are built to perform like new. Because they undergo rigorous testing and held to a high standard of quality and performance, rebuilt engines will cost a bit more than used engines. But their value lies in reliability. Rebuilt engines come with limited warranties that guarantee the longevity of the part – we’ll be sure to let you know exactly what’s covered and for how long, so you won’t be left in the dark.