Giving a full body massage will really help a person to feel more limber, loose, flexible, and relaxed. Giving a great full body massage is easy to do as long as you have the proper tools and know the right techniques.

What You Need

Before you get started however, you are going to need to make sure that you have all the right equipment. This includes a massage chair, oil, creams, candles, and whatever other ambiance decorations you would like to have.

Setting the mood is very important if you want to have the person as calm and relaxed as possible, which is important if you want to offer them the best results from the massage. You need to make sure that they are as free and comfortable as possible, so getting them some fluffy towels or a beverage to sit on is a great idea. 강남안마

Begin the Massage

Now that you are ready to go, you can begin on the full body massage. First you want to have the person undress and lie on the table. Pour some oil into your hand and rub your hands together so the oil will be warmed before you put it on their skin. You want to start with gentle strokes on both sides of the neck, and then stroke up to their temples, rubbing them lightly.

Next for the full body massage you want to move to the shoulders, where you can begin kneading a little harder. Always use circular, outward motions, and then start to go down the sides of the spine, pressing gently again. Now you want to start on the arms, beginning at the triceps. Skim lightly across the elbow and then rub the bottom portion of their arm in circles.

One of the last areas you will need to focus on during the full body massage is the leg area. The best way to massage the legs is to start at the thigh muscle of one leg, work your way all the way down and then go up the other leg, and then repeat.

This massage is truly fantastic for getting all the knots and kinks out of the body, and is really not all that difficult to learn. Your hands will probably be sore at the end of it, however, unless you are an experienced massage therapist who is used to using their hands for extended periods of time.