If you are a fresh graduate from information and communications technology who haven’t decided on your area of specialty, there is a unique career option for you. You may want to consider computer forensics as a career. This profession is a fast growing career which has high demands in the job market due to the increasing number of cyber crime activities that are taking place throughout the world.

Let’s analyze whether this profession is an ideal career that is able to promise a bright future.

In the current job market, there are not many experts in this field yet as this subject is still new to a lot of people. However, demand for such experts is increasing in United States and Europe where many companies are facing real-time cyber crime activities. According to recent statistics, around 85% of businesses and government agencies worldwide are experiencing increased internet crimes, ranging from hacking, web page defacement, information theft, industrial espionage, intellectual property loss and so on. Looking at the trend in the employment market, computer forensics expert is considered as a very niche occupation and its employability is definitely high. Moreover, the average annual income for this profession can be up to USD 200,000. It is indeed a profession with very good prospect.

In terms of the nature of the job, it is really challenging and exciting. You need to deal with many people, cases and fraudulent activities related to computers from time to time. Your main tasks are to computer hacking forensic investigator cyber criminals, safeguard the digital evidence and find out illegal activities for the good sake of the companies, society as well as the country. Getting involved in this field would definitely provide you great self satisfaction.

This profession can definitely become your life long career. A promising career pathway is identified and created for you in the long run. Since this profession is internationally recognized, you are able to contribute in whichever country you are.