The simple fact of the matter is 90% of plaintiffs fail to take advantage of a lawsuit cash advance to help with bills and everyday living expenses. A lawsuit cash advance can help in so many ways, and can relieve a bit of stress due to the financial burden that is often associated with legal cases.

What is a Lawsuit Cash Advance?
This type of funding can be termed a lawsuit cash advance, legal finance, or a lawsuit loan. While categorized as “loans” these advances are not the same as traditional loans due to the fact that the money does not have to be paid back to the lender if the case is lost. That makes this type of funding “no risk” for the borrower. The only collateral that must be presented is the lawsuit itself, and the plaintiff must be represented by a licensed attorney. Aside from this criterion the only other requirement is the plaintiff must show proof of a monetary need due to a financial hardship.

A lawsuit cash advance can be a very sensible solution that can yield fast results. Most commonly, plaintiffs who have suffered a physical injury and are no longer able to work take advantage of this type of funding, however many different types of people and lawsuits qualify. collection laws in California 

Benefits of lawsuit advances
That being said, plaintiffs that have lost their jobs because of an injury have a very hard time keeping their homes and family stable financially. These people face not being able to pay the rent or mortgage, not being able to pay their car loan, and not being able to pay for their children’s education. Waiting the months and sometimes years it typically takes for a lawsuit to settle can only further exacerbate the situation and drive the plaintiff into deep debt. A lawsuit cash advance can head off this vicious cycle and put the plaintiff on the path to financial recovery very quickly.

Lawsuit cash so you don’t have to settle for less
This type of loan also allows the plaintiff to continue pursuing his or her case in order to get the very most they possibly can for their loss. Prior to this form of alternative funding people had no choice but to settle quickly, for a lesser amount, simply in an attempt to deal with an overwhelming financial situation. Now, people have a valuable option that allows them to continue to live a normal life, give their attorney ample time to work on the case, and receive the best possible outcome.

Pre settlement cash advance process
The process of applying for a lawsuit cash advance is simple, fast, risk free, and confidential.

• There are no credit checks,
• no need to prove employment status,
• and no need for co-signers or bank references.

Once a small amount of paperwork is completed, the approval process is fast and funds are released within a few days. You can spend the cash in any manner you need to, and there is no worry about having to make monthly payments.